How to do


  • Fill out Admission Form



  • The committee shall consider any membership application and, if it is approved, the applicant shall be required to forward the sum of 1000€. In case you were refused, your 1.000€ deposit will be refunded.



  • Make a 1.000€ deposit to MedBreeze´s special bank account. This is a blocked account managed only by Co-operative's members.


  • A person shall not be admitted to membership if s/he is under the age of 55 years and over 70 years.

What's next


  • On receipt of such sum by the Co-operative, the name of the applicant shall be entered into the register of members as a member and one membership registration number in the Co-operative shall be issued to him or her.


  • The Co-operative shall be legally constituted by having 3 members.


  • You will be required to make first payment for site purchasing once the Co-operative is completed.

  • After site purchasing you will be asked to make a second payment according to the Co-operative's finantial forecast. This information along with Co-operative's Bylaws and Internal Rules will be send to you after your registration.


  • Once you become a member of Mediterranean Breeze, you will have full access to Co-operative's documents and project.


  • General Meetings will be convened periodically to discuss and to put in common the progress of the project.


  • All payments will be  managed by Co-operative's members.

1.000 € Deposit

Full Membership








General Meeting

1st Payment


Land purchasing